What is Life Engineering Lab?

The Life Engineering Laboratory (LE Laboratory) is based on the concept of "creating the next generation of life and society with advanced information engineering technology", based on biological system modeling and engineering applications. We will work on cutting-edge research across fields, aiming at social implementation of technology in the medical field and everyday life.

Engineering technologies are indispensable in the medical, nursing and welfare fields, as represented by endoscopes, surgical robots, and walking support robots. On the other hand, there are many cases where engineering has not yet been applied in terms of convenience and cost-effectiveness, despite the fact that engineering can provide a safe and comfortable environment.

In this laboratory, we will establish a life support technology base that will deepen systematic understanding of living organisms based on information, electricity, and mechanical viewpoints, and provide easy-to-use and comfortable information support for users in medical, nursing, and everyday situations. Aim for Specifically, in addition to designing and developing advanced software and hardware systems that take into account the physical, physiological, and cognitive characteristics of the body, in cooperation with medical and nursing care professionals, We aim to develop engineering technology.

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