Life Engineering (LE) Lab

University of Tsukuba

Research Areas

Sensing & display

  • Innovative sensation display

  • Convenient interface

Biophysics simulation

  • Numerical model of human and environment

  • Interactive physics simulation

Medical system

  • Development of advanced medical system

  • Application to medical and healthcare fields

Engineering for fisheries

  • Egg quality estimation system for Pacific bluefin tuna using deep learning

  • More accurate and objective estimation than visual inspection by experts

(The figure is from "Vision-based egg quality prediction in Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) by a deep neural network." (Sci. Rep.))

Engineering for occupational therapy

  • Quantifying qualitative clinical assessment of OTs using computer vision

  • Analysis of children's handwriting

(The figure is from "Computer Vision-Based Approach for Quantifying Occupational Therapists’ Qualitative Evaluations of Postural Control" (Occupational Therapy International))